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Team Trilojee was founded by a passionate group of entrepreneurs and professionals who were united by the core belief that every business that provides real value deserves a chance to thrive

Team Trilojee

We saw the need for a robust business planner—a program that would help businesses analyze revenue streams and income potential. In our first Trilojee endeavor in 2012, we developed a web-based product aimed at startup models. This initial version was meant to support enterprise companies with business planning and financial tools to shape the future of their businesses. Trilojee was a welcome success!

In a 2016 release, team Trilojee recognized a need to reach other business owners, including entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. We realized that these innovators needed the same excellent marketing services, but on a different scale. The result is a strategic plan designed to identify key marketing opportunities, automate marketing tasks, and measure results. Once again, Trilojee has been a welcome success – this time among small business owners searching for marketing guidance and tools.

From yoga studios and organic food shops to online and service type businesses, Trilojee is supporting small companies who are on a budget, but still looking for that competitive edge. Trilojee provides the marketing strategies and techniques businesses need to learn how to grow sales and achieve positive financial results. We offer an easy marketing planner that can guide small businesses to increase sales, replenish cash accounts, and become sustainable for the future.

The Trilojee Difference

The Trilojee team is driven by the goal of putting small companies on the map! At Trilojee, we take a different approach to creating a cost-effective, calculated method for attaining a targeted and strategic marketing plan that will grow sales. Our capable Trilojee team is motivated and committed to helping you plan, market, and measure your business for success.


Nick D'Alessandro


Nick’s commitment to helping new business owners and entrepreneurs achieve financial success is the reason Trilojee was born—and the reason he is excited to start each day.

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Deborah D'Alessandro


Deborah helped develop the Trilojee concept—and deserves much of the credit in Trilojee’s success today. Her vision is to give low-earning passionate entrepreneurs a chance to break through their present challenges.

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