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Aligned Goals, Strategies, and Budget Equal Business Success

Aligned Goals, Strategies, and Budget Equal Business Success
by Nick D'Alessandro, posted 10/21/2016

If you’ve been in the game for any length of time at all, you’ve probably already figured out that being an entrepreneur can be quite challenging.

Maybe you have a great idea that you’re fairly confident could help a lot of people, while also providing an income for yourself.

But, what if it isn’t working? What if you aren’t seeing enough growth? What if you aren’t making enough money to successfully sustain the business?

There can be a lot of “what-ifs!”

●       Plan Your Way to Business Success

Feeling vulnerable can hinder your progress. Uncertainty about the future can keep you from reaching your goals.

I recognized the need to help small business owners reduce the element of chance.

This was the driving force for the creation of my online marketing planner.

Having a plan is key.

You need a solid strategy. Create a series of steps, each with a specific purpose, all pointed toward reaching that end goal.

For your business to grow, you must remain focused on your ultimate objectives and make decisions with purpose.

Focused and purposeful actions will guard your business from vulnerability.

There isn’t any need to throw your darts in the dark, so wouldn’t it make good sense to turn on the lights before you attempt to hit a bulls-eye?

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●       Sensible Sales Goals

The smartest way to hit that bull’s-eye is to first clarify your sales goals.

The sales goals you set should be realistic.

In other words, shooting for a high sales goal in the beginning might not be attainable.

You first need to establish that there’s a demand for your product and you’ll need to gain some momentum.

Committing yourself to a realizable number is a great first step!

●       Smart Strategies

Next, make sure you have a game-plan that has the potential to get you to your goal.

Your strategies should help you map out how you’re going to get from where you’re at today to where you want to be.

Consider an example. Imagine you had an online business and you needed approximately 250 visitors a day to reach your sales goal.

You would need to identify and implement strategies that would help you drive this amount of traffic to your website.

●       A Budget You Won’t Bust

Finally, allot yourself the proper budget to invest in the strategies that are likely to achieve your sales goal.

Let’s look at an example that illustrates the point.

Mary and Jim are both business owners with the same demand for each of their products.

Mary spends $600 a month on marketing, while Jim spends only $200.

It’s logical to assume that Mary would have a better probability of achieving higher sales growth than Jim, right?

Make sure the investment you make in your marketing campaign aligns with the expectations you have for the success of your business.

The Bottom Line

Being a business owner can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be an unpredictable shot in the dark.

Set yourself up to succeed by making a specific plan and sticking to it.

When your goals, strategies, and budget are in alignment, you are leaving less to chance and improving the odds that you’ll hit that bull’s-eye!

Wishing you much success!

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About the Author

Nick D’Alessandro is a small business strategist and founder at He is excited to share his 30 years of business experience by helping small business owners grow their business and fulfill their career purpose.

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