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Lead Generation: The Balance between Quantity and Quality

Lead Generation: The Balance between Quantity and Quality
by Nick D'Alessandro, posted 1/13/2017

Who’s visiting your website? Are there people visiting your store?

You probably already know that the desire to build a sustainable business means your first priority should be increasing the amount of traffic to your store and/or website.

A steady flow of customers will be needed to create a thriving business.

The only way to accomplish this is by making sure you are consistently driving enough traffic to your store!

But wait! Is all traffic good traffic?

Not necessarily.

Especially when that traffic doesn’t have the potential to grow your business or impact your decision making.

Say you have 1000 Facebook friends who have “liked” your page. Maybe they have even gone so far as to “like” your posts. 

You’re feeling good because, hey, 1000 “likes”, right?

Not so fast.

Unless a good portion of those Facebook friends are part of your target market, even 100,000 “likes” won’t get you to the Promised Land.

Think of it this way: Isn’t it more important to reach 100 people that are actually interested in your product or service than 1000 people who will probably never purchase anything from you?

Those interested 100 people have the potential to provide you with better feedback on your product and higher sales for your business than the other 1000. 

Try not to blindly get caught up in the numbers.

How to strike a balance while generating leads

A profitable and sustainable business comes from a healthy balance of quantity of leads and quality of leads!  

Maybe you’re asking yourself, “How do I create the right balance?”

Read on! This is how you do it:

  • Always work on clarifying your ideal audience. Remember, your ideal audience is the people who are most likely to buy your product or service. It will certainly be easier to reach your target market AFTER you’ve identified who they are. P.S. Clarifying your market will also lower your customer acquisition since you will be spending your dollars to attract and convert the people that matter most to your business.
  • Reach out to influencers. Approach those that share your target market and have already built up a substantial list of contacts to increase the quantity of your traffic. It will probably cost you something, but at least the traffic will be of higher quality and you will have a much better chance of converting.
  • Create an inbound marketing strategy that will improve your SEO to help capture leads. Work with an SEO professional to optimize your website so you are easily found when people are searching for a product like yours. Since these are people searching for your solution, the traffic you generate will be more motivated to buy or absorb the content you are providing. You will then need to create a compelling CTA (call to action) so you can capture these “targeted” leads. This will allow you to communicate and build a rapport with your prospect in the future.

There is a strong possibility that your business will not be sustainable if the quantity OR quality of the leads you’re generating is lacking.

A strong coexistence of both is needed.

Note: You should also consider investing in an AdWords (PPC) campaign to quickly drive targeted traffic to your website. 

Wishing you much success!

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About the Author

Nick D’Alessandro is a small business strategist and founder at He is excited to share his 30 years of business experience by helping small business owners grow their business and fulfill their career purpose.

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