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Are You a Struggling Solopreneur? Why and How to Hire a Freelancer

Are You a Struggling Solopreneur? Why and How to Hire a Freelancer
by Nick D'Alessandro, posted 3/9/2017

It comes as no surprise to a solopreneur that trying to manage and grow your business can seem overwhelming.

Managing and trying to grow your business can become a tricky catch-22, especially for solopreneurs with limited cash.

This means you’ll eventually need to tap into some resources.

What resources?

Talented people and money to market and grow your business.

Before you get too far, though, you’ll first need to generate enough sales to have access to those resources.

What can a solopreneur or small entrepreneur do?

Hire a freelancer tailored to your specific needs and budget!

You might be asking yourself, “WHY should I hire a freelancer when I can save the money and do it myself?

Check out the article I’ve already written that explains why you shouldn’t try to do it all yourself.

The “do-it-all-on-my-own” mindset eventually becomes counterproductive and can cause you to burn out!

There are a few excellent reasons to outsource some of your needs:

  • Freelancers are business people too. Think about it. This is their profession, so their values and motives will likely be closely aligned with yours. Chances are, they’re as passionate about their work as you are!
  • Freelancers can help fill in the gaps. As a solopreneur, your staffing needs won’t fluctuate as greatly as a larger company, however, there are times that you will need something accomplished with a quick turnaround that you either aren’t equipped to handle or don’t have the time for. Help from a freelancer can ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Hiring a freelancer makes financial sense. Your freelancer will work on an as-needed basis, meaning it’s a variable cost for you, as opposed to a fixed cost. 

Here’s an additional bit of perspective to consider:

Did you know that 95% of businesses see the utilization of freelancers as a key element in the evolution and expansion of their companies?

Even with that encouraging statistic, many solopreneurs remain hesitant, confused, or both, if they’ve never hired a freelancer before, which leads to the big question:

How do I hire a freelancer?

Finding and hiring freelancers to perform specific marketing tasks has become very easy, thanks to sites like Upwork.

Some of the jobs that you’ll want to consider outsourcing are, copywriting, web design, programming, email automation, video creation, graphic design, SEO (search engine optimization), Pay per Click (Adword) campaigns, and social media campaigns.

By the way, I am not affiliated with Upwork, it just happens to be a site I have had a lot of success with. 

When hiring a freelancer for a specific job, you can refine your search by a set budget or a preferred hourly rate, country/language, skills needed, past job success, etc.

After you have posted your job, Upwork will start matching you with their best candidates. 

You also have the option to invite anyone who you think seems to be a good fit from Upwork’s pool of talent.

After you have decided on a freelancer and they have started the work, payment is not released until the job is successfully completed.

Have a look at this engaging 2-minute video from Upwork that will give you a better idea of how to get started.

There you have it!

Being a solopreneur doesn’t mean you need to go it all alone anymore!

Utilizing the resources you now have at your fingertips will help to boost your business to the next level.

Wishing you much success!

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About the Author

Nick D’Alessandro is a small business strategist and founder at He is excited to share his 30 years of business experience by helping small business owners grow their business and fulfill their career purpose.

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