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7 Instant Marketing Ideas for New Businesses with Limited Budgets

7 Instant Marketing Ideas for New Businesses with Limited Budgets
by The Trilojee Team, posted 8/9/2017

Marketing is crucial for every company regardless of the size, location or branch. Neglecting a good marketing strategy will be like throwing your company into an endless waste of time and money. However, the worst part comes when you have to unleash the wallet and invest in a good marketing company to come up with useful strategies or tips which will attract numerous customers or visitors to your company. But, the bitter truth is that new businesses have no luxury to splurge on costly campaigns nor will they find space in their well-calculated budget to fit in an expensive marketing campaign.

Luckily for you, your business can thrive with little from your budget and a lot from your creativity. When it comes to marketing your company or business, nowadays you can lean on the numerous tips which will make your business flourish in no time, and yet save you some bucks for rainy days. These seven instant marketing ideas will cost you almost nothing, compared to what you are going to gain from the implementation of these friendly marketing ideas for new businesses with limited marketing budget.

1st Instant Marketing Idea- Keep your friends close, your enemies closer

Knowing your competition or meeting people from the same branch can lead to productive collaborations, referrals or even a possible partnership. Let’s face it, when you’re a new business, you can easily get eaten by the big bosses and why not preventing that by establishing a friendly relationship. Going to conferences, meeting similar businesses or think-alike owners can lead to a positive outcome and many customers to your business. Even a single mentioning by a big shot business owner can make your business instantly famous and the only investment you’ve made is going to that seminar or conference. It’s true that most of the people that you’re going to meet at these seminars will probably be useless, but eventually you’ll run into the right person who can help you promote your business.

2nd Instant Marketing Idea- Take full advantage of the social media

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and similar social networking websites can help you be instantly famous in whichever field your business is. It’s extremely easy and simple to create a business profile on any of these social media and luckily for you, signing up will cost you nothing. The only thing you need to do is target the right people, second of all invite more and more people to get engaged in your posts and most importantly, always communicate with people and provide fresh and updated news about your company or product. You can also advertise your company by paying a few bucks and engage even more people in your business. A satisfied customer will be a great review for your page and will attract many more to your page and later on to your business.

3rd Instant Marketing Idea- Offer discounts or giveaways from time to time

A great way to promote a product or offer a service is to firstly get it tested among the people and then the word will be spread. Many satisfied customers who have purchased your product or used your service at a discount will tell their friends about how great your product is, then you’ll attract many more people to your business who will be willing to purchase your product at full price. It’s a win-win situation and it’s also a great way to show that you care about your customers’ budget. Giveaways are perfect if you want to drive more traffic to your website and especially if you want more people to talk about your business. Hash tagging your company or tweeting about your company in order to get more people engaged over the giveaway is a great kick-start for your new business.

4th Instant Marketing Idea- Value your customers more than gold

The good word spreads like fire, the bed one can ruin your business forever. So, having a great customer service is crucial for any business, especially the new ones. Appreciating your customers, responding to their critiques or good words and most importantly, valuing their investment in your company can do wonders for your business. In this way, not only will you create a group of loyal customers, but you will also create a group of people who will be more than willing to tell about your business to their friends and their friends will tell to other friends and the circle is infinite. The best marketing comes from pleased customers and those are the people who will be likely to spend even more money on your products and bring you great profit.

5th Instant Marketing Idea- Get directly to the press

It’s true that ads in the press cost a great amount of money, however if you are be able to attract the press’ attention, then go for it. Don’t be shy to contact bloggers or magazines to get an interview or get mentioned in an article. Many bloggers work in a way called a “share for share”. Meaning that later on, your business will mention their blog or company and all of this will be free of charge. In this case, both of you will benefit greatly from each other and maybe a possible collaboration is on the horizon.

6th Instant Marketing Idea- Create a blog

It seems that blogging is an excellent idea to attract more customers to your business and why not starting with some free advice connected to your field or business. You can add your blog to your existing website and you can supply your customers with enough useful info, something that won’t even cost you a penny except it might be a little bit of time-consuming, which is nothing compared to the benefits you are going to get from this blog. For instance, if you’re a proud owner of a small travel agency, supplying your customers with some useful traveling tips is a great way to go. In this way, everyone will find you reliable and they will feel comfortable to contact you first when travel is on their mind.

7th Instant Marketing Idea- Don’t forget about YouTube

We often neglect YouTube and the importance of it in the marketing campaign. Nowadays, whenever you search for something don’t forget that videos also come up and who knows, maybe yours will be the first one to appear on the first page. You can start with simple videos connected with your business or maybe simple tutorials about How to do something. As a matter of fact, even the big companies are turning to YouTube as a way of promoting their brand or product.

There you have it, the seven simple marketing ideas which are a great kick start for your new business. Following some of these strategies will open up your horizons and will be a stepping stone for your next move. Stick to the ideas and have faith in the quality of your business.

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