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5 Effective Tools to Aid in Driving Quality Traffic to your Website

5 Effective Tools to Aid in Driving Quality Traffic to your Website
by The Trilojee Team, posted 8/18/2017

In order for a website to function effectively and properly you need to consider the type of people you target or the quality of the traffic that is being driven to your website. Knowing your visitors or the targeted group of people on your website is the most crucial thing for the successfulness of your business.

Fortunately, there are tools which can help you analyze the traffic on your website and most importantly, tools which are useful in determining whether or not your customers are reaching out to you. So, is it time to change your marketing strategies? Let’s go through 5 of the many tools which will analyze the quality of your traffic as well as help you increase the quality of traffic driven to your website.

  1. Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics? - It’s a web analytics service provided by Google and nowadays is the most used web service when it comes to Internet services. It will provide you with a complete and detailed picture of your website’s activities. So, if you are planning to promote your business on the Internet and be successful in that, then using Google Analytics is simply the very first thing you do.

How does Google Analytics function? - Firstly, using Google Analytics will provide you with the full picture and the proper insights about how your website is functioning, who reaches out to you, performance of your website, tracks your results (extremely important in driving more traffic!), all in all, it provides you firsthand with the information related to the people who visit your website. When it comes to internet marketing and driving more traffic to your website, Google Analytics is the first and most important tool that a person must use when starting with online marketing. It provides you with information about which traffic sources convert the best and most importantly, segments your data in order to attract more visitors or traffic with higher quality.  Google Analytics uses cookies on the visitor’s computer and by doing so, it stores anonymous information. Due to its reliability and simplicity, Google Analytics has become the number one tool for every website owner. For more info, check Google Analytics.

How to use Google Analytics? - That’s the beauty in this amazing tool- it’s extremely easy to use, it’s free and plus, it gives you firsthand info about the audience who is visiting your page. So, if you are considering about creating your own Google Analytics account, here’s what you need to do in few simple steps:

Step 1- Go to

Step 2- Create an account

Step 3- After that, you should add analytics tracking to your website (or blog or mobile app) or an account which will track your website

Step 4- Final, your tracking code will do all the work for your Google Analytics account. Due to this tracking code, which is found in the header area of the JavaScript code, all the data will be delivered to your own personal Google Analytics account.

  1. Alexa

What is Alexa? - When first founded in 1996, Alexa was an independent company which was later on acquired by It provides you with information related to traffic, analytics and metrics.

How does Alexa function? - Alexa’s website visitors have the exclusive power to look through traffic data for Alexa top sites. They can also search for ranking and bounce rate for websites which aren’t among the Alexa top sites. Another great feature of Alexa is their toolbar which can be easily downloaded. Its toolbar will enable you to go through the statistics for websites, while browsing and marks the browsing data for Alexa statistics. In other words, Alexa is a great “spying” tool for your competition, it reveals backlinks, keywords and any useful information that can be relevant to you. Great, isn’t it?

How to use Alexa? - Alexa rank can provide you with all the needed information that you need about a website. You can also rely on Alexa for keyword search, backlinks and many other useful info connected to a specific website. You can use it for free or there are ways in which you can get even more detailed information for a very reasonable price. For more info, go to Alexa.

  1. Quantcast

What is Quantcast? – It’s a data-intelligence platform designed to help you analyze the performance of a specific website as well as help you identify your customers in terms of location and their buying habits. Once you’ve tracked your traffic, getting to know your market is the thing it will matter to you the most.

How does Quantcast function?- It’s main function is to target the right audience, judging by their demographics, their buying preferences or doing a full research of the market you want to attract to your business or increase the quality of the traffic on your website. Quantcast will help you get closer to the audience that you need in order to make your business flourish and help you prevent untargeted and low quality traffic. Thanks to Quantcast, you will be targeting the proper audience with extreme accuracy.

How to use Quantcast? - When using Quantcast, it’s not about how to attract just any traffic, but it’s more about who you are targeting. So when thinking about advertising on the right place, just go on Quantcast and start targeting the right people.

  1. Ahrefs

What is Ahrefs? – Ahrefs is an extremely handy toolset for all the people involved in internet marketing or the ones who run a blog or a website. It’s a toolset handy for backlinks as well as SEO analysis with a massive base of live links and an enormous index.

How does Ahrefs function? - Ahrefs is a detailed tool which helps you find all you need about a website. From backlinks and keywords to social media shares and broken links. By using this tool, you will get a clear picture about how to fix your mistakes in your SEO and help you get better and improve faster.

How to use Ahrefs? - Go on Ahrefs and log in on their website. After that you will also see your dashboard and a previous guided tour to make your experience more pleasant. The pricing starts from $99 and on, however this tool will pay itself off and it’s definitely recommended for internet marketers.

  1. Facebook Pixel

What is Facebook Pixel?- Another analytics tool which is excellent in determining how effective you are in your marketing due to the engagement of people on your website.

How does Facebook Pixel function? - You will use the pixel data in order to determine whether or not your ads are presented to the right people and methods to improve your advertising experience. Facebook Pixel uses the collected data from its tracking and by doing so, you will reach quality traffic or encourage sales. Facebook Pixel will help you target more audience by tracking their actions. So, next time you will be able to attract more people through your Facebook ads.

How to use Facebook Pixel? - You can go on Facebook Pixel Implementation Guide in order to see the instructions about creating your own Facebook pixel.

These are only 5 of the many free or paid tools which a person needs in order to drive more traffic on the website and therefore increase sales and attract more and more people. Luckily for us the Internet is quite friendly when it comes to marketing and you can always choose one of these tools and see the results for yourself.

In conclusion, invest in the tools that will aid you in taking a more focused and targeted approach in growing your sales.

Wishing you much success!

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