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How to Attract more Customers without Spending a Dime

How to Attract more Customers without Spending a Dime
by The Trilojee Team, posted 9/5/2017

Customers are the most valuable and appreciated part of the business process. Unfortunately without customers, it will increasingly become more difficult to keep your doors open and dream alive. However, in order to attract a steady flow of customers, you'll need to open your wallet and invest in a marketing campaign which will help you acquire new customers and ultimately, generate more profit.

Sadly, implementing a marketing campaign for any type of business can mean great cost for your company. If you are planning to cut back on marketing expenses, then it would be wise to follow some of these strategies in order to keep your momentum alive.

Normally, a good marketing campaign can do wonders for your business, but if you simply can’t afford it at this very moment, then focus on the old but good marketing strategies which you can do on your own and cost you almost nothing.

Use Facebook to Your Advantage

You know when your mother was going to the hair dresser and she heard about that wonderful vacuum cleaner that she simply must own it? Well, it seems that Facebook is the new place to be in town because the news spreads more quickly and efficiently than you can possibly imagine. First of all have a well-organized Facebook page where you will constantly post about your product or service. Always have something interesting for your audience and attract them by posting relevant content for your business. For instance, if you own a small bake shop, why not post a free recipe for your readers and convince them that your pastry is made with organic ingredients and far better than your competition’s. Ask your friends to help by sharing your relevant content so your word can spread and your product or service is talked about on social media.

Sell in Person

If you can’t afford a costly marketing campaign, then try to get comfortable speaking with your audience and explaining why your product is worth having. Don’t get discouraged by uninterested people or a few refusals. If someone doesn’t need your service or product, then maybe you shouldn’t give up on those people. Try to persuade them and approach them from a different perspective. Ask them if they ever used a similar product or service, if they had, ask them what they like about that specific product or service. At the end of the day, even though they don’t buy from you, you’ll know what people like and maybe in a few months you can offer your product to the same people or you can upgrade and improve it to exceed your audience’s expectations.

Discounts and Giveaways

Sometimes in order to convince a person to try your product or service, you need to convince them that they would like the product. However, how can they know if they like it if they hadn’t tried it at all? In these cases, discounts and giveaways are perfect. Discounts allow all people to have access to your product for a reasonable price and all the satisfied customers will tell their friends about the greatness of your product and they will be more than ready to buy it at full price once they’ve heard the best words from their friends. On the other hand, giveaways are a great way to attract more likers on your Facebook page and also, who wouldn’t like to get something for free? I’m sure that we’ve all been in a situation where we share something or comment in order to get a specific product for free, even though we don’t need that product in particular at that time. Using a strategy like this (without abusing it) is a great way to gain some momentum and gather feedback on your product!

Stick to Certain Quality Standards

Many business make an enormous mistake by constantly changing something, implementing new ingredients, new employees and even changing the brand’s name will make a difference in your customers. Be constant, be recognizable, believe in your product or service and always know why it’s the best. If you believe in your product’s quality, then it will be easier to convince others that your product is the best and that it deserves some attention. However, if you sell your brand for the sake of just selling it, many customers will notice that not even you as an owner will buy that product or believe in its quality.

Know the Type of Customers you Want to Attract

Usually if you focus on all types of people in general, the probability that you’ll attract the right customers is quite small. However, if you target a specific group of people for instance elderly people, people in their twenties, teacher or housewives, then you have a bigger chance of finding and attracting the right people to buy your product or use your service. Also, knowing the location of your customer is a big plus. You can’t always target several cities at the same time, on the contrary know which area will provide best success for you and your company. Lastly, always try to refine your product to meet the needs of a specific audience.

Adapt your Prices according to your Customers Needs

It’s true that you can’t lower the price and retain the same quality, however you can adapt it in a way that is available and affordable for your target audience to consume. However, if you must stick to the high price of your product, surprise your customers once in a while with some type of discount. At the end of the day, no one will have a problem paying a few extra bucks if they are positively sure in the quality of your product or service.

Be present at all times

Whether it’s on Facebook or e-mail, or maybe you prefer Twitter, always be present so people can hear your brand’s name and the benefits of your product or service. Sometimes, when our road is rocky we let negative thoughts overtake us. However, there’s always a solution in attracting more customers, you just need to find a way to crack the code. Explore new ways to approach your marketing efforts, find active communities and groups which may benefit from your product or service. Find your own way to compensate for your lack of a marketing budget and most importantly, remain diligent!

In conclusion

Sure it’s challenging to thrive in business when money is often needed to foster and sustain growth. However, a little creativity on your side, persistence and great patience can lead you to even greater success. Just believe in your product, use the free social media channels and expose your brand in every possible way that you see fit and useful. Hopefully, you’ll succeed before you even take the big step to invest a great amount of money and come up with your own ideas on how to attract more customers without spending a lot.

Wishing you much success!

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