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Guerrilla Marketing for Small Businesses: Can it work?

Guerrilla Marketing for Small Businesses: Can it work?
by The Trilojee Team, posted 9/26/2017

Of course it can work. Guerrilla marketing is a great idea, regardless of the size of the business, simply because it brings creativity to your campaign. As an owner, implementing fresh ideas is what you’ll need in order to attract new clients as well as retain your existing ones. Once you go Guerrilla, you will never look back. If you’re interested in why, then read on…

The Power of Guerrilla Marketing

For those of you unfamiliar with this notion, we would wrap it up for you and say that guerrilla marketing is a fun way to advertise your business, without spending the last penny on ads, billboard or flyers. You’ve probably come across some guerrilla marketing strategies, but perhaps you didn’t realize that something interesting and creative is placed or written somewhere for a very justifiable purpose- to draw attention to it. For instance, have you ever seen a Coca Cola bottle painted on a public wall as you pass by with your car? Or it doesn’t have to be a Coca Cola bottle, it can be the Nike sign, a simple website address or a phone number. The beauty of guerrilla marketing is that there are no rules! A little bit of imagination, creativity and most of all, to remember that you are trying to create interest rather than sell a product or service. Guerrilla marketing is convenient for small businesses in particular, simply because they are not always in a position to invest a lot of money in a marketing campaign. Guerrilla marketing can cost you from $1 to a $1000 or even more, you are the creator of your own brand so feel free to unleash your imagination and create a story for your business according to your budget.

Ideas to get you started:

After you wrap your arms around the notion and meaning behind guerrilla marketing, it’s time to put it in practice. Usually, guerrilla marketing happens spontaneously, by taking a pen in your hand and writing why your product or service is more unique than any other out there and how you can express that value.


You need to consider whether your company is recognizable or close to your customers’ heart. Be bold, honest and don’t be afraid to experiment. If you create a brand which is eye-catching, you’ll have no problem attracting new clients to your company. Try to always create a story that will evoke a thought or an emotion about your product. In other words, it’s all about the way you present your product and your way of selling it to your customers.


Don’t be afraid to try something that no one has ever had the boldness to try before. Guerrilla marketing is all about ditching convention and focusing on delivering the picture that you’ve created about your business in your head. If you think that a simple board can do the magic, why not try it out? Nobody has determined the amount of marketing budget that a small business must invest in order to succeed. On the contrary, there are so many local bars or restaurants which have so many successful marketing tactics by using a chalk and a simple board. “Go fresh”, “Tired from the long day?”, “Energy in a cup!” are only some phrases that can work and which you probably haven’t paid so much attention to. However, if they are successful in making you think or instilling an emotion at a specific moment, you might just sit down to refresh yourself!


Sometimes you can use the same marketing tactics that attracted some of your existing clients. Whether you’ve chosen to sell in person, hand out flyers or simply offer your services to other companies, if it worked then, the probability to work another time will be high. However, don’t do the exact same thing over again, add something new and updated. For instance, if you’re a proud owner of a newly opened, hip and trendy juice bar, organize a portable stand to an event where you’ll offer fresh drinks at all times and make it “TWO FOR ONE”. Bargains work well on open events, where people are simply craving for something refreshing and new.


If you’ve created a specific type of customer who is in need of your product, then you can easily target other new ones. This means that you need to create a story behind your product, a feeling that will drag clients to your business. If you use eco-friendly materials, make a recycling bin in a shape of a tree. Use that particular thing to your advantage, you’ll show that you care about people and the environment and also you’ll create a story in their head about your company and its contribution to a better and healthier lifestyle.

Put it in motion:

As we previously mentioned, you can create anything that comes to your mind, without limitations or following any rules. Guerrilla marketing can be inexpensive and a fun approach for your small business. You can make it flourish and stand out from the crowd by applying some of these simple guerrilla marketing tactics:

Use the chalk to your advantage: Chalk will cost you almost nothing, however a colorful depiction of what your small business is all about- that speaks volumes. You can do something which will attract people to your business by adding something unique and specific about your product. Use your imagination and innovation to attract attention without jeopardizing the reputation of your brand and business.

Use the public places: Street art (if allowable and removable) is something that attracts people’s attention, photographers and even the media. It’s eye-catching and a unique way of expressing yourself. You can paint or draw your logo on a public wall and even add some quote which is creative for your small business.

Go local: If you operate in a specific area, then why not flood it with your creative way to advertise? You can invest a little money by placing those beautiful recycle bins in the shape of a tree outside your store. People would want to know which company is trying to save the environment and they will see that you are more than just a juice bar. You are trying to make the world a better place!

Be present at local events: These types of events are the ones where it's easy to attract a lot of people, just by settong up a stand. As a matter of fact, you can get creative by gamifying the experience. Create a special offer or a mini contest by motivating them to play hoops free-of-charge to win a delicious juice drink. Plus, don’t forget about the story behind those hoops- THEY MAKE YOU THIRSTY!

Here are some great examples of guerrilla marketing.

In conclusion

There will always be a competitor with more money to invest in crazy marketing strategies, but guerrilla marketing teaches us that you can draw people’s attention by using some imagination and creativity. Money will not mean much if you don’t have a clear vision about your small business and find new ways to stand out. Be bold and allow your guerrilla marketing campaign to attract, evoke, and most importantly, increase sales!

Wishing you much success!

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