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How to Increase Sales with Storytelling

How to Increase Sales with Storytelling
by The Trilojee Team, posted 10/2/2017

The most difficult experience that many entrepreneurs have while running a small business is the part where the selling process starts. The product is ready and you’re confident in its quality but now you just need to convince other people that it is worth buying. However, we all know that people are not always in need or in the mood to listen to you blabbing about something that they’ve never heard of before.

Usually, when we hear the word salesperson we immediately imagine someone persistent and very pushy. But, what if we told you that you can take a different, less confrontational approach to selling? In other words, you can use storytelling to your advantage by engaging your audience. We don’t actually mean to tell a boring story about all the benefits someone will enjoy from your product, on the contrary, your prospect would want to know what makes your product different and the experience that other people have had with it. If you focus more on creating a story around your product and less on selling, your prospect will be more open to hearing more. This approach becomes more effective in starting the sales process.

How to Start your Storytelling Marketing Tactics

If you are a young entrepreneur who is just starting and hopeful for a great response to your product, then it’s time to start brainstorming and write down some ideas about how you would like your product to be seen and how you can bring your product closer to your target audience. First, focus on the story behind the product, why do you think that people will need or want it, what kind of story will resonate with your prospect, and where will you present it? If you’ve already figured these things out, then it’s time to use these places to get the word out!

Social Media

Since many of us spend a lot of our free, valuable time on social media, it’s only normal to assume that you’ll reach and touch many people just by utilizing social media to your advantage. For instance, you can start by posting a picture of a person or family using your product, a visual depiction of the possible usage of your product will create a story in people’s heads and your target market will instantly start depicting themselves as a potential user of your product. You can make this storytelling method a practice- don’t just post one picture or video, have a weekly habit of posting an honest picture about how your product will improve someone’s life. Your product or service will resonate on a deeper level if you create stories through words and visuals that will evoke an emotion in your audience.


Use your e-mail contact list to inform your customers or prospects about the launching of your latest product and upgrades, however don’t do it by just listing what’s new or how it will help them. Start by composing your mail with a story on your mind. As we discussed, stop listing the benefits of your product and start telling the stories of people who have benefited from your product or service. You can also emphasize how other people were searching for a product like yours and present it to them in a more subtle way. Many people are not going to open an e-mail that states- CHECK WHAT’S NEW. On the contrary, craft e-mail subject lines in a way that your audience will want to open it. If you were making an organic food product (for example), you could open with an email subject line that reads, “How eating organic food changed my life”.

A blog

Blogging is always a great idea, and it would be even a better one if you start sharing your customer’s positive experiences from your product. We often notice how people ask questions on the business pages of Facebook, so create your blog in a way that you’re answering their questions. If your organic product has numerous health benefits, then why not write an article about how satisfied customers are constantly calling you to inform you how better they now feel. Your stories should be honest and be entertaining or informative for your customers. Soon after, your story will be their story since the reviews of your own customers become very effective marketing!


Advertisements can be quite pricey. However, any type of advertisement, including flyers, posters or even a recorded radio advertisement should contain a story or valuable content which brings prospects closer to you. Most of the commercials we see on TV are short, straight-to-the point and quickly state what the product is, where to find it and what the benefits from it are. Those are not as effective as the commercials containing a valuable and relatable story. First of all, you need to be consistent with your story and always deliver (more or less) the same massage. Many of us love the yearly Coca Cola holiday commercial. Why do we all love it so much? We know that Santa doesn’t exist (sorry), nor will he knock on our door and offer us Coke but we can’t wait to see it and truly feel the holiday spirit. Your advertisement should deliver the same magic in people. Create a great story around your product and try not to devalue it by offering a steep discount. Become relatable, evoke emotions, and they will come to you!

Your sales pitch

In some businesses, there must be face to face communication in order to nurture a sale. In these cases, the best way is to have a prepared speech about how you as an entrepreneur will sell your own story. How to convince them in a few but powerful words to buy your product? Write down several ideas about your opening and how you can quickly draw their attention. Remember that you don’t have a lot of time to convince your customer, especially not nowadays where most sales are done online and when people won’t have any time to listen about the benefits of your product. If you have the opportunity to offer your prospect a sample of your product then great, if not, then work on crafting your story so that your prospect is interested enough in taking the next step with you.

Your website

Your website is the reflection of your business and everything you have on it is important for your business. A great website means that you care about your online buyers and in a time where everything goes on the Internet, it will be a pity to lose potential clients who have bothered to search for your business on the Internet. When it comes to storytelling on your website, you can use the about-us menu to share your honest story with customers. Often, many websites contain plain, generic information about the business which isn’t compelling or motivational in any way. Your about-us menu should tell the story about how you as a entrepreneur got the idea of creating your product, tell an honest story of your journey and why you want to help. Inspire others to want to be part of your brand!

In conclusion

If you’ve always hated to be that boring and pushy salesperson, then hate no more because storytelling makes selling fun and honest. Try to connect with your audience through words or visuals and give them a good reason why they would want to buy from you. If you’ve ever tried storytelling, we would love to hear your experience.

Wishing you much success!

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