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What to Do If your Social Media Campaign Isn’t Working

What to Do If your Social Media Campaign Isn’t Working
by The Trilojee Team, posted 10/24/2017

A major factor in successful marketing is your engagement on social media and the marketing you perform on these platforms. It’s normal to assume that some of your potential customers will come from social media since more and more people nowadays are relying on social media sites to make buying decisions. This is why you should never neglect a social media marketing campaign to promote your business.

It sounds easy to follow tips and advice on how to create a successful social media campaign but sometimes we just fail to promote our business properly. This unfortunately leads to a poor return on investment instead of gaining new potential clients. So, if you are one of those entrepreneurs who don’t get positive results and feedback on social media, then you’re in the right place, because if something isn’t working, you need to spot it and fix it as soon as possible.

Here’re some of the reasons why your social media marketing is failing and useful tips in order to fix it:


You’re bound to success only if you offer something unique and/or of value. This doesn’t mean you have to “invent” something (even though we don’t discourage it), but if you’re offering something that already exists in the market, you need to step up and add something different to your offering. Free delivery, pack it with a gift, offer a discount on the second product, create eye catching packaging, offer a new flavor, provide higher quality, you name it. Usually followers on social media get hooked on pages and profiles which offer things that are nothing like the competition. If you aren’t getting a new audience, then you should probably look into your competitor’s social media campaign and see how you can offer more or something different to your audience. Regardless of the campaign you are leading on social media, it’s a fact that when you are providing some sort of value and generating interest, then your audience will consistently grow. However, if you’re playing it too safe, or offering the “same old same old”, then your target audience will stick to their regular shopping place and won’t bother visiting your social media pages. You’ll be surprised how many people will be engaged if you offer something unique and of value from what your competitor’s are offering.


It’s not all about likes and people visiting your social pages, it’s also crucial to attract the proper audience. How can you sell a product or service if the people following you are totally uninterested in your offering? Before starting a social media campaign, take some quality time to study the type of customer you’ll be attracting and their preference in a social platform. Most businesses focus too much on Facebook and invest a great amount of money in order to attract many potential clients but despite their efforts, they still fail to increase sales. So what’s the problem? First of all, the people who you want to attract could be more active on a different platform (Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram) and second, you may not be fully aware of the specific group of people that would be most interested in your product or service. So instead of wasting money on something that isn’t effective or producing the results you were hoping for, take some time to figure things out. What are you doing wrong? Are you on the wrong social platform? Are you aware of the demographics that use different social platforms? These questions will help you to reevaluate your investment and take a new approach in getting to know who your potential customer is and where to find them. Learn more about different social media sites here.


Even if you’re selling a product or offering a service, people want to know that there’s more behind your business than just a product. To start, having a professional and customer-friendly website is also a big plus. If you’re driving people to your website from social media sites, then you’ll want to tell a story about the benefits of your product or service and offer relevant information that your audience will find useful. If your posts on social media are all about you and selling more product, then your audience will run to your competition. Instead, take time to create your website carefully and develop content that will bring value to your audience. Quality content includes articles related to your product, useful advice, and information which your audience will find interesting. This approach will help people not only recognize a seller in you, but also a trustworthy and caring business.


Some industries find very little value in social media campaigns, simply because their targeted audience isn’t engaged on social media. For instance, if you offer insurance policies for retired people, what will be the odds for them to find you on Facebook or LinkedIn? Probably very low! In these cases, you need to drop the idea of social media marketing and refocus on other marketing approaches. Determine whether or not your potential clients can approach you via social media. If not, then don’t bother making big investments that don’t have potential. With that said, it’s still wise to have a profile in case a younger audience might be looking into insurance policies for their loved ones. In other words, even if you don’t invest too much time or money on a social media campaign, having an online presence beyond just your website is still a good idea for many entrepreneurs. 


Honestly, whenever we are looking up a website or browsing through a social media platform, we always read the reviews that people have left for a specific business. If many people recommend it and have found value in your products or services, then no one will doubt your product’s quality. Don’t erase negative reviews or comments, those are the ones that will help you improve and upgrade your offerings. Try to encourage reviews from your satisfied customers and also others that might have been less than satisfied. Honest and objective reviews are highly valuable and will help you to create a great product and overall customer experience. Stay open minded and never shy away or disregard what others are saying about you and your business!


Investing in advertisement and promotions on social media is just one way of increasing sales. However, it won’t be an effective strategy for all businesses so persistence will not always pay off in these cases. Know where most of your customers come from and focus on different approaches. There are many analytics tools which will help you determine if your social media campaign is successful. You can track the engagement of people, demographics, and other useful information that will help you make better decisions for your business. This data could also come in handy when making decisions about your social media campaign. If it doesn’t work for you, it isn’t the end of the world. You can find value in other marketing strategies which will be more suitable for your potential clients and type of business.

In conclusion

A social media campaign can double your sales if done properly and addressed to the right people. Before starting one and investing your time or money, do solid research about how you can get the most from it and how it can contribute to your sales. Don’t feel hopeless in cases when your social media campaign isn’t producing the fruit you had hoped for, this only means that you should start thinking about new ways of marketing your business. Social media is not going to produce a high return for all businesses, but for some, it can be extremely beneficial for your business and sales.

Wishing you much success!

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