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Double your Sales with Referral Strategies

Double your Sales with Referral Strategies
by The Trilojee Team, posted 10/31/2017

“Wow, I have so many referrals that I just can’t catch a break”- said no business owner ever. Why is it so hard to ask for referrals, so hard that some entrepreneurs have given up on even asking? Little do you know that referrals can double your sales rather quickly if done properly and consistently.

You can’t just discuss a powerful marketing campaign without even considering referrals. That’s a huge opportunity gone to waste and it’s undoubtedly a part of your overall marketing strategy which you simply must not neglect. Usually, the hardest part when it comes to referrals is to actually ask somebody for one. How should you start? Is there a prepared speech to use? In fact, once you start to see the amazing results from referrals, you’ll realize that you only need to change your mindset and take a positive approach towards referrals.

Not to worry, you can easily start applying these referral strategies which can double your sales and increase your customer base.


If you see it that way, a referral is truly an act of help due to mutual interest and goodwill. Many entrepreneurs usually have the wrong approach towards referrals, maybe that’s why their whole experience with asking for referrals is so dreadful and unwanted. Firstly, referrals should be asked in a form of help. When people hear the phrase “Could you help me with…?” then people feel more obligated to hear you out and do what they can to help you. No one will ask why this is important for you and your company. Be upfront, ask people to give you a hand with this one, emphasizing your recent collaboration and positive experience together. People will relate more to your quest for help rather than your will to double your sales. Who wouldn’t like to do the humane thing and help someone in need? I sure am not one of them, so feel free to swallow your pride and admit that you need a hand with those referrals.


This question is usually frequently asked by the people who are asked for one. This is a formal term rather than an explanatory one. Don’t just assume people know what you are asking them for so it would be wise to explain yourself in order to capture the true meaning of the word. If you want to avoid such inconvenience you can simply ask them upfront. In order to be more effective and efficient, just cut to the chase and ask a direct question, “Do you know anyone that would benefit from my product?” is a great example of shortening your speech and getting straight to the point. Your client will immediately connect you with the wanted person and you’ll avoid any misunderstandings and confusion.


Don’t leave anyone behind. Using all of your contacts is of great value and will improve your results. If you only ask for a referral from a specific group of people or clients, then you are wasting valuable resources. Your existing clients will be a great way to start, but don’t stop just there. Include everyone you know that has the potential to help find referrals. Family members, a friend, business partners, colleagues, previous customers, and people who have collaborated with you can help with your objective. Don’t leave any stone unturned, every single referral is important as another and they could come in the unlikeliest of places. The bigger the referral base, the better the results.


It’s best if you start with a certain goal and upgrade it monthly. You can start by setting your goal to ask for one referral per day during the working week. If you do the simple math, imagine how many referrals you’ll get per year. Amazing, right? However, don’t just say that you’ll do it, stick to the plan rigorously because otherwise you’ll lose track of what’s working and the plan will be less effective. If your efforts aren’t producing the results you had hoped for, increase the number of referral requests per week and stay diligent. Stick to your plan, persistence and consistency is everything in succeeding with your goals!


Many entrepreneurs just give up on asking for referrals, simply because the whole process is unappealing or there’s a fear of rejection. How am I going to start the conversation? What if they don’t understand what I ask them to do? Well, if you start thinking that way, your referral strategy is already failing. Instead of attracting negative feelings and thoughts, think about how much you’ll gain with a simple and honest request for help. The first two experiences are dreadful, but once you fall into a pattern, it will be easier for you to achieve your goal. Don’t lose the opportunity to improve sales and upgrade your business because of fears. Gaining some confidence and resiliency can make your business and sales flourish!


Results take time and hard work. You shouldn’t expect significant results right away. However, if you stick to your plan and you’re persistent in achieving your goals, then you can easily double your sales within the first year. Remember that this can also establish your company as a recognized brand which will later on get more referrals by itself. Every lost referral opportunity could be detrimental to your business and fulfilling your purpose. Asking for referrals are certainly not going to be the hardest task on your entrepreneurial journey so why not give it a shot?

In conclusion

Are you already creating your referral strategy plan? If not, it’s best you don’t waste any valuable time and try these amazing referral strategies as soon as possible. Think ahead and think about the benefits from these referrals. Maybe you’ve already tried some of these so keep up the good work and expect your sales to progressively grow!

Wishing you much success!

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