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How to Use Facebook as a Marketing Tool to Increase Sales

How to Use Facebook as a Marketing Tool to Increase Sales
by The Trilojee Team, posted 11/15/2017

Nowadays, it’s very easy to reach out to people to offer a product or service. Thanks to social media, you can find whatever you want, whenever you want and communicate with a seller effectively and efficiently. Facebook seems to be at the top of all social media when it comes to advertising and promoting a business. Many people are hooked on Facebook and often find things they need or want using this platform. It’s easier, saves time, and they can read all of the reviews and comments about a particular business or product.

It’s crucial to step up your game when developing your Facebook marketing strategies. A successful effort will result in great reviews, numerous likes, a bigger customer base and most importantly, higher sales! So, the next time you want to ditch the very thought of having a campaign on Facebook, think about how Facebook can increase your chances of doubling your sales and skyrocketing your customer base. When talking about a powerful and successful campaign, you need to have three things in mind: get more likes, engage your followers as much as possible and last but not least, make sure to make more sales.

Here are some powerful yet simple Facebook marketing tricks and strategies to accomplish those three important things:


-Use your existing contacts and inform them by e-mail that you have a Facebook page and provide the link for them. This will make the process easier and more appealing to them. In fact, you can encourage your contacts to share your page with others that might have a need or want for your product.

-Use the power of the giveaway. People will definitely like a page if something is offered for free. Regardless of the fact you’re new to Facebook or people don’t have a need for your product now, their like could further count as a valuable one.

-Use your private Facebook profile to invite your friends to like your business page. This can be a great start for other people to start noticing your page.

-Use a landing page in order to inform or remind your clients that you’re present and available on Facebook as well.

-Use groups and communities which may find your page useful. Offering a product or service on these groups, especially the ones with many active members, can drive enormous traffic to your Facebook page.

-Use a “Facebook social plugin” in order to get more likes from your website. Place the plugin near the top and inform your visitors that they can also look you up on Facebook.

-Use something called “exclusive content” to your advantage. By offering access to exclusive content for new likers, it will create an image in their head that they must be a part of that exclusiveness.

-Use Facebook as what it truly is- a powerful tool to promote yourself. Sure e-mailing is also good, but it can never reach as many people as Facebook can. As a matter of fact, your content can be seen by people who aren’t your Facebook fans, but may be a friend of your fan or a friend of their friends. That’s the great thing about Facebook (as opposed to email), you can easily catch someone’s attention and drive them to your page.


Once you’ve collected a decent amount of likers, now it’s time to work on their engagement on your Facebook page. Why is this important? A simple “like” won’t do the magic, if you aren’t too active on your page, your new fans will forget you exist unless you post useful information and remind them about your business.

So, how to engage your likers on your page?

-Publish useful and informative content. Quality content is the best way to engage people on Facebook or any other social media platform.

-Use your blog as a tool to involve your fans. Usually, blogs contain content which is closely related to your business and starting a “debate” from comments over a particular blog topic, is the best way to appear on newsfeeds to engage even more people.

- A giveaway or contest is also an old, but good way to engage people. Ask your fans to share a post, invite other friends to like your page and anything else you can think of to motivate your fans take an action. At the end of the process, publish the lucky winner of the giveaway to further interest others to your Facebook page.

-Polls and surveys are also a powerful way to truly engage your fans. So, you can ask your fans’ opinion from time to time by simply using the Facebook Question feature or choose a good service for a survey.

-Never neglect a comment directed to you. Always be active on your Facebook page and if you don’t have the time, you should give that responsibility to someone else. Nothing looks as unprofessional as a page ignoring or neglecting its fans.

-Use short videos or your own YouTube videos to engage people. People relate to videos and this is a reason for them to start a debate or tag a friend in comment.

-Feel free to publish news or events on your page. Those news and events must be related to your niche or industry in order to attract your fan’s attention and encourage engagement.

-Refresh and update your Facebook page as much as possible. Provide your fans with useful information, your latest blog posts, launching of a product, discounts, and anything else which will encourage engagement.

-Don’t forget the power of photos. Always post a photo of an event or anywhere where your product is present. Branding is powerful and posting those photos on Facebook will add value to your business and strengthen the confidence of your fans in the quality of your business.


All of the abovementioned tricks and strategies to market your business will mean nothing unless you make a sale from it. All of these tips will help you get closer to potential clients who will make a purchase and increase your sales. If you’re not generating new sales, then you need to reevaluate your objectives on Facebook and improve your Facebook marketing campaign. However, by taking some actions, you should be able to create positive movement and eventually generate sales from your marketing efforts. Here are some strategies that you can use:

-Use your Facebook page to promote your online store. Your fans should be able to easily access your products and services and you can seal the deal by making it easier for them to order it online.

-You can also use a promocode or use a voucher which can be printed off a landing page so your visitors are more willing to buy something from you at a reasonable price.

- If applicable, provide a link to the Amazon store, a place where your potential clients can easily access your product.

In conclusion

You can’t deny that Facebook has an enormous impact on people. The time when Facebook was a simple relaxing place where you connected with people and viewed photos is over. Now, people discuss business on Facebook and they make money out of their promotions made on this social media outlet. So, consider investing some your time and marketing budget on Facebook. It can prove to be a great new strategy that will strengthen your overall marketing campaign and help you to increase sales!

Wishing you much success!

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