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How to Become the Best Marketer for your Small Business

How to Become the Best Marketer for your Small Business
by The Trilojee Team, posted 12/12/2017

Let’s face it- small business owners have it the hardest. They have to think about everything, create a plan, delegate responsibilities, manage finances and at the end of the process, earn enough to keep their whole dream alive. Regardless of what awaits you when thinking about opening a small business, what’s important is for you to become the best marketer and stimulate sales growth in the least amount of time.

Nothing is impossible once you have a great, organized marketing plan. It’s OK if most of your budget goes to a well-organized and effective marketing campaign. Neglecting a good marketing campaign at the beginning will reflect on your sales, customer base and most of all, profit. Just imagine if you fully believe in our product or service and did nothing about promoting it? If you put yourself in the shoes of the customer, you’ll realize that marketing is the best investment for your small business, rather than a waste of time and money.


First, you need to fully understand what marketing is and the wonders it can do for your small business. We don’t have to quote definitions in order to bring you closer to what marketing truly is, but know this, without marketing no one will know what you have to offer, where customers can find you, and the uniqueness of your product or service. Marketing is the biggest investment that an entrepreneur can make for their business. The goal is to always be working towards producing a favorable and profitable outcome on your marketing investment. The first step to becoming a great marketer for your small business is to think like one or in other words, invest all of your time and energy to create the most efficient and effective marketing plan which will be realistic to your goals and beneficial for your business.


It’s better to be prepared than surprised. So, the crucial thing for becoming a great marketer is to think ahead or in other words, do your research. Who is your target audience? How do you want to present yourself in front of the public? Which way of marketing will suit you the most? What are your potential customer’s habits? How are you different from your competitor? How will you make your message resonate with your audience? If you have the answers to all of these questions, then your homework has been done. Research can help you be more efficient in implementing your marketing plan. You’ll know in advance the ways to market your product or service and most importantly, to whom you are marketing it to. Knowing the gender, age group, shopping habits and location can lead you to your potential customers and soon to be loyal client. Your marketing message will obviously be better received if addressed to the right people and the ones that are already motivated to make a purchase. (See Inbound Marketing)


It’s easier said than done, but if you think as a consumer rather than as an owner, then you can easily get your product or service closer to your potential buyer. The marketplace is evolving and changing just because the needs and wants of the consumer are also changing. If you know what your consumers need then you can easily improve your product/service and make it more attractive for them. Also need to have full knowledge and understanding of your product. Your sales pitch will contain information and benefits which is only important for your buyer rather than to you. Nobody cares to know how many hours you’ve spent creating your product or honing your skills. At the end of the day the important thing is to convince people that what you’ve created is the best solution to their need or want. You need to provide that compelling reason for your potential customers and deliver the proper message to sell more!


If you have a cohesive and organized plan, you can easily stick to it. This plan can also help you in determining your marketing budget and ways in which you’ll invest in the future. Start by determining some realistic goals which you want to achieve within a year. Brainstorm about how you would achieve those goals with minimum investment and maximum effort. Next, be flexible! Sometimes you need to make modifications to your original plan in order to achieve your goal, however those changes shouldn’t hinder your focus or downsize your goals. If you’ve planned to market your business only on one social media platform, for instance Facebook, and along the way you’ve realized that your customers are also responding on Instagram as well, then do not hesitate to modify the plan. Moreover, never regret the money spent on your marketing strategies and tactics, small businesses learn and flourish quickly with the proper marketing campaign. Lastly, write down everything that works for your customer and what doesn’t. These notes will help you in the future when you need to set new goals and conquer new markets.


Your competition is your best motivation and you should always thrive to be a step ahead. A good competitive analysis will help you avoid mistakes in your business and upgrade your product to the point where consumers will rather pick you than any other product on the market. In order to achieve this, you need to step up your game when it comes to quality, price, marketing strategies, availability of your product, convenience, and payment policies. If your competition is using eco-friendly materials or supporting a cause like you, then why not organizing an event in order to raise awareness. Customers will appreciate your caring side and see more than just a business for profit in you, they will also see the humane side of your business. Another important thing when researching competition is to be different. Never try to copy a company’s product, customers could view you as an inferior copycat. Always work on being unique and of value since even the most related business can be different. It all comes down to imagination, clear vision and great creativity.


The hardest thing for every entrepreneur is to do all the above-mentioned steps and at the end of it all, keep up with all the innovations and trends. Try never to neglect an innovation in your field. Some innovations and trends are created for a reason and maybe they can help you get closer to your goals and stay ahead of the market. (By the way, Kodak should have taken this innovative, latest trends approach). Delegate responsibilities, distinguish priorities and invest time in all aspects of your business.

In conclusion

As your small business grows, so will you as a marketer. The best marketers are created with great effort, a lot of time spent in the office or in front of the computer and most of all, great passion and vision. Your ability to have a vision and think out of the box will not fail you, on the contrary it may open new horizons and bigger markets. Invest in yourself and most of all invest in your marketing. Those types of investments always pay off!

Wishing you much success!

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