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Creative Ways to Market your Small Business

Creative Ways to Market your Small Business
by The Trilojee Team, posted 12/18/2017

When owning a small business, it all comes down to creativity, vision and organization. Even though it’s a small business, that doesn’t mean that you won’t need a budget to present your business in front of people and capture their attention. On the contrary, you have to work as if you’re building an empire to position yourself out there and get noticed. The way you market your business will later reflect on your customer base, sales and even branding. However, if you raise the bar high and experiment with your budget, then you can do the unthinkable- have a successful marketing campaign for your small business using only your imagination and creativity.

One must be extremely creative in order to achieve success when working with a limited budget. You need not worry because even small businesses with small budgets can create an amazing marketing campaign by investing in their creativity and imagination.

Here are some ideas which may come in handy when working on a tight budget:


In a world where people are simply hooked on social media and photographs, you can’t neglect a creative package for your product. As a matter of fact, many people would rather buy something which is nicely presented than something which looks ordinary and doesn’t give a perception of value. If you offer a product which can be delivered to someone’s door, why not focus on the presentation? As a matter of fact, use social media to help you promote those packages, or even better make it personal, let your customers choose a color of their liking. Visual presentations of your product will do a lot for your marketing campaign. Investing in packaging is something that won’t cost you a lot of money but the results can be astonishing.


If you can express the benefits and uniqueness of your products in words, then even better, because telling a compelling story about your product can bring people closer to your business. The art of storytelling is powerful and will cost you nothing. In addition to your package speaking volumes, use your words and stories to promote your product. You can add a personal touch to every product you’re offering or even better, by doing customer segmentation you can make your product even more personal and offer it to a specific group of people. “A cup of coffee for the insatiable coffee drinkers”, “A cup to lighten up the tiring day”, “Drink the stress away”- any type of motivational quote or story which will be relatable and has the potential to sell more of your product.


The best way to share your ideas and get something in return is networking. Places where you can express your ideas and present your product in an unconventional way can help you greatly. The ideas that you’ll be getting at these events can be a great way to improve your product or service. Networking events are like a creativity bomb which is anticipated to explode and you’ll be right there to pick up the pieces and make something beautiful out of it. The important thing is to make the most from these events, connect with the right people, get the needed ideas and implement them when marketing your small business. It’s just a matter of time when these networking events will start to pay themselves off and like any other strategy on your plan, it requires time and great dedication.


Guerilla marketing is extremely popular nowadays and it seems that creativity needed a specific name when it comes to marketing. Guerilla allows you to do the unthinkable, to reach the imaginable and even create something out of nothing. Guerilla marketing happens at the moment you take chalk and start promoting your business. There are no boundaries or limitations when it comes to effective marketing. Just be bold and use every opportunity to your advantage. Use you sketching abilities, use your ability to create catchy lines, use a pan, a rock, a friend, everything that is available to you and can promote your business in the most creative, inexpensive and effective way. Just remember not to cross any offensive lines that might jeopardize your brand and reputation.


Your logo is something that people will recognize you by and something which will later be crucial for your branding. As we’ve mentioned earlier, a visual representation of what your business is all about is the best way to catch someone’s attention. Your logo should speak volumes, it should be presentable and applicable to all of your marketing materials. It should also be simple yet eye-catching, the colors should be lively and yet tasteful. Imagine that you are explaining the uniqueness of your product in just one picture. Take a different approach when creating your logo, don’t think about the sales and the money you’ll be making in the future, just think about the story your business is telling to its clients and the story you have for your business in your head. If you are able to see the story behind your business for yourself, then it can be very easy to pass it to others.


Limited edition products or offers exist for a very simple reason- to hook the customer to an exclusive, must-have and can’t-live-without product. The holidays are a great way of implementing this simple, yet incredibly effective marketing strategy. If your product is strictly dedicated to kitchenware, then think out of the box and create special edition kitchenware for the holidays. Use colors and patterns that represent the season and make it something that can only be seen or bought one time a year. The limited nature of your campaign will sell more product!


Societies face great difficulties nowadays and anyone who is eager to help is the one who is worth remembering. Show the sensitive side of your business and show that even small businesses with small incomes can make a difference. Organize an event in someone’s honor, donate a % of your sales for a charitable cause or donate some of your products to those in need. These events are organized to raise awareness, not to be incorporated in marketing campaigns or to create a big fuss. Every business that isn’t focused only on sales is the same one that will have a better chance of succeeding in the future. Customers relate to humane businesses, businesses who beyond offering are also giving. So, whenever there is a chance to be humane and charitable, make sure your business is first to appear.

In conclusion

If you’re creative enough to start up a small business, then you’re creative enough to promote it in the most unconventional ways. If you aren’t so creative, make sure that others who join your team are. Creativity can open a lot of doors for your small business but it can also be crucial in placing your product on the market. Just make sure that you stick to your true self and retain that same quality apart from everything else.

Wishing you much success!

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