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Marketing Trends to Look Forward to in 2018

Marketing Trends to Look Forward to in 2018
by The Trilojee Team, posted 1/17/2018

Entrepreneurs who are constantly staying abreast with the latest marketing trends and adapting to them when necessary are the ones who are bound to success. Many companies pay large amounts of money to people whose job is to keep up with the latest technology and methods. The marketing sector is one of the fastest growing areas in business and will be the best way to form your path towards a successful and profitable company. Usually, small business owners make a common mistake by neglecting a certain trend or movement, just because they believe that a small business can’t afford or adapt to these changes. This is the worst mistake and misbelief that you can ever have. On the contrary, small businesses which are open-minded and ready to experiment are the ones who will stand out from the competition.

So, without any further delays, let’s see what 2018 has prepared for you so you can start exploring these trends for your business!


You probably noticed the types of people who aren’t particularly celebrities, but somehow they’ve managed to get more than 500k followers on social media. They become famous because of their personal style, expertise, or perhaps point of views. These types of people will continue to be “want-to-reach” people in 2018 as well. Why? Well, simply because they are regular people, (some) with regular jobs and lives much similar to ours. In other words, you can relate so much more to these people than you can ever relate to an unrelatable celebrity. On the bright side, these influencers will cost you much less than a celebrity and the results will be amazing. Hiring a social media influencer is actually an extremely smart move, not because of the reasonable price you pay to these people, but also because of the amazing results they can provide for your company. The benefits are obvious, especially if you bear in mind that many of your customers look up to these people. This type of subtly marketing your product is a great way of bringing your product closer to the customers. So, how do these people promote your product? Well, you first need to find a person who has more than 500k followers on social media, reach out to that person and arrange a meeting online or as you see fit. Such engagement will probably cost you around $500 which it’s not so bad when you consider that such a person can have a big impact on your business. These influencers write posts connected to your product and getting this kind of exposure in front of regular people can be extremely effective.


Recently, there has been a huge frenzy over live videos which started appearing on social media in particular. You are able to track a particular person or business real time and comment in the moment it is happening. The popularity of such videos will only increase in the new year and you should take full advantage of its benefits. Live videos are more effective and useful than posting pictures and writing posts. By implementing live videos in your marketing campaign, you’ll be able to engage your customer and converse with your target audience. More people would rather watch a live video rather than read a long and informative blog. Since everyone’s time is getting shortened and everyone’s lives are getting busier and more dynamic, live videos are just a simple, short and effective representation of your product. Live video option is now available on Facebook and Instagram as well as YouTube, Twitter and Periscope. So, if you haven’t tried live videos so far, you should definitely get started ASAP.


This is extremely crucial and still happening in the upcoming year. If you want to improve your marketing strategies, you need to consider giving your customers a special and more personalized shopping experience. This will cost you almost nothing and the results can be easily seen through your sales. The most important person for you is your customer and knowing what your customer wants and knowing their shopping habits and product preferences will maximize your efforts. Many companies prefer and practice offering their clients to create a profile in order to get the latest news, discounts and related products to keep them engaged at all times. Through such a profile, you can easily find out valuable information such as latest purchases and shopping preferences. By knowing such information, you’ll be able to inform your customers about a specific product and its discount or maybe another product which complements their previously purchased one. It’s more convenient and effective to retain the cusomers who have already purchased something from your business, rather than always trying to acquire new customers. There’s also the cost factor, personalization is cheaper and it should definitely not be ignored in 2018.


Simply described, Geotargeting is the practice of sending content to a user based on his or her geographic location. This can be done on the city or zip code level via IP address or device ID, or on a more defined level through GPS signals and more. A strategy like this can be very effective for retail stores that want to target an audience in real time and provide an enticing offer or relevant information.

With geotagrgeting software, a marketer can now send a message to someone’s device within a specified geographical parameter. This can be highly effective to attract new customers in your store and definitely something every retailer should consider. You can learn more about geotargeting here.    


Content marketing can never get out of style and it seems that it will continue to be trending in the upcoming year as well. You probably have tried content marketing and perhaps you’ve been successful in your strategies, so why not upgrading your existing strategies instead of making up new ones. For this reason, you should continue offering informative and quality content so you can attract new customers and engage your existing ones. If you know your target audience, you can easily tailor content to the needs of your customers. It’s inexpensive and quite effective so just keep up the good work and your content marketing efforts will continue to pay off.


Due to certain events in 2017, many people fear to trust any website and reveal valuable information, especially with websites which hasn’t been doing much to improve its privacy policies. Even though privacy has always been a top priority for customers, it seems that nowadays people are even more worried when it comes to protecting themselves. So, why not using this policy factor as an enormous asset which will increase your sales? Your customer deserves to know in which way you’ll justify the trust they invest in your company and most importantly, how you will protect them from potential credit card fraud. If you’re a new business, then let your customers know how you’ll protect their valuable information. For instance, upgrade your website by showing all of your security badges and make sure that you have a customer service which will be there for your customers who may have difficulties in making a purchase. Your online store should be easy to use, clear and simple. Satisfied customers would gladly rate their experience as positive and those testimonials will speak volumes in the future. Privacy will be a top priority in 2018 and everything that looks shady or too complicated will affect your sales.


Even though many believe that it’s maybe time to throw in the towel with those tedious e-mails, you may be jumping the gun too soon. However, the problem with some e-mail strategies is that it’s boring, dated and not at all amusing. Well, it’s all about to change in 2018 and creating interactive e-mails will shine in the upcoming year. If your email marketing isn’t working, then you probably fall under the same group of people who send boring and dull e-mails. So, instead of ditching the whole email marketing campaign, try some interactive ways which will improve your emailing strategies. Your e-mails would be much more appealing if you incorporate some videos, GIFs instead of pictures or a live shopping cart. Don’t forget about polls and surveys and also use real-time marketing. See what happens once you incorporate these interactive tactics in the upcoming year.


It seems that there are many marketing trends awaiting in the new year so instead of fighting them, you should get on board and be up to date with all the changes and dynamics that are happening in your field. A successful company follows the trends and makes the necessary changes to flourish. You and your business should evolve according to your customer’s needs and the latest trends. All of this will help you achieve higher sales and build a successful business!

Wishing you much success!

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Nort 1 years ago
"PROMOTE PRODUCTS THROUGH BRAND AMBASSADORS AND SOCIAL INFLUENCERS" Brand ambassadors are not going anywhere but they can not be very influential. One attractive, charismatic person can not reach to lots and lots of people at once. It's quite more effective to find the target audience with a small team of market researchers that use residential proxies such as Smartproxy ( or Luminati and bombard with small advertisements. Almost no psychological pressure and success rate is going to be way higher. Just my two cents, blog is still good:)
OldieGoldie 1 years ago
Hey, nice and informative article, thanks for sharing. Another brilliant read can be found here if you are into instagram: