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How to Get Thousands of Subscribers in Less Than a Year

How to Get Thousands of Subscribers in Less Than a Year
by The Trilojee Team, posted 8/21/2018

The success of a marketing campaign is determined by its subscribers. If a business has a multitude of subscribers, it means that it reached its marketing goals and the business is blossoming. Why are subscribers so important to entrepreneurs and why do we desperately try to crack the code to attracting millions of subscribers in a short period? Well, subscribers nowadays are the equivalent of many customers in a store. This means that those people, who subscribe to a certain website, are the ones who will be getting the latest novelties, discounts, and notifications on new promotions. So, when we are talking about reaching out to those precious subscribers, start with yourself. How can a website get you to subscribe? Let’s go through it step by step.

Quality over quantity

One of the first thing that gets you hooked to a business is its blog. Blogging is huge right now and there is a reason for it. Many businesses market themselves by using a blog and publishing quality content which gets many subscribers on board. However, the Internet is overloaded with information so it will make your job a little harder to be relevant and stand out in the crowd. You need to convince your audience that it’s worth subscribing to your website. How will you achieve that? Normally, by posting quality and relevant content. Quality content is considered to be sustained information, followed by research to back it up and of course, content that aligns with your business. You can’t write about economy if your business’s niche is marketing. People appreciate relevant and sustained information, so be careful and do thorough research on every topic before posting it. It takes only one bad post to lose subscribers. Don’t rush into publishing something just for the sake of publishing. Organize your content, hire qualified and experienced writers and focus on the quality rather than the quantity. It’s better if you have one good post in a week, rather than 5 bad ones.

Limit your content access

You’ve probably noticed that sometimes when you land on a website, you read an article or some awesome blog and when you get to the interesting part, there’s a read more button which after clicking it, a subscribe form appears in front of you. Actually, in this way, they are limiting your access and it seems as a harmless thing to do and subscribe. This is a great way to attracting numerous subscribers and if your form is simple and easy to fill, then subscribers will be coming to your website constantly. Another thing that you can do is limit some e-books or PDF forms of quality content only to your subscribers. Everyone would definitely subscribe in order to download or get a free sample of something.

Hire an influencer

If you want to get thousands of subscribers, why don’t you start by hiring a person who already has those subscribers and followers? Influencers can double, even triple your subscribers’ number and the sum of money you need to pay them is nothing compared to what you would be getting as a benefit. Influencers will recommend you, market your blog and introduce your business to new markets. As a matter of fact, you can also consider hiring contributors who will help you with that content. People who are already known in their field are the best marketing for you. If you hire a contributor to write relevant blogs for your business, it will increase the value of your post and the relevance of your business. So, invest in your business when it comes to gathering a quality team for your blog.

Networking is gold

If you’re seeking an opportunity to chat about your blog in front of a relevant audience and get those subscribers yourself, then speaking at an event or simply attending one is a charm. Why are people nowadays obsessed with organizing events? Well, the answer is simple- because you can get more contacts and more subscribers if you mingle with people who think alike. However, if you’re considering promoting your business and finding those subscribers by yourself, then you should at least try showing up to those events. A business opportunity might come up, a valuable contact may be approaching you or you simply will get the chance to personally invite people to subscribe to your website. Start as a visitor, then try to get involved in the program of the event and finally, speak on such events. The benefits from networking are amazing and you’ll see it by your subscribers’ number.

Check your competitor’s subscribe form

The business with thousands and thousands of subscribers is the best example of how things should be done. Look up to those people who have achieved their goal in reaching out to subscribers. The simplest way to do this is by visiting their website and their blog. Check out their subscribe form, and take notice when/where/how they are asking you to subscribe. Which tactics do they use when it comes to recruiting subscribers? All information here is relevant. If they could do it, it means it works and may be effective for you as well. There is no harm in copying your competitor’s tactics when it comes to recruiting subscribers. As a matter of fact, people copy from each other all the time. Just be sure not to steal someone’s copyrights.

Headlines matter

Sometimes we focus so much on the article itself and its content that we often forget about creating the perfect headline. Sometimes a striking headline gets 90% of the job done. Appealing and seductive headlines attract people primarily to your website and later they agree to your subscribe form with ease. Invest a lot of time in your articles, including the headlines. The headlines are the first thing your potential subscriber sees and you’ll want to leave a good first impression!

Offer PDF books and materials

Regardless of your focus, you should definitely consider sharing some PDF materials with your readers. However, don’t just offer them for free. On the contrary, these materials can be your golden ticket to numerous subscribers. This is similar to networking, you can put something together like a presentation, about something that your visitors are interested in and create a PDF file. Ask them to fill a subscribe form in order to download these free-of-charge materials. As a matter of fact you can promote these materials on social media in order to let people know. Ask people to subscribe to your website and offer your one of a kind e-books or PDF materials.

Join relevant groups

When people want to know something, have a problem or they are simply interested in a specific topic, they join groups and participate in discussions. So, if you want to find your potential subscribers and increase your mailing list, then these community groups are the perfect choice for you. You can promote your content or offers to these groups and ask them to subscribe. This approach will also give you a good idea if people are perceiving value in your offer and motivating them to take action.  

Have a subscribe-friendly website

Not a single subscriber has landed on a website and looked for a subscribe form. NOT A SINGLE ONE. In this case, you need to make sure that your subscribe button is visible and appealing. Another important thing is the simplicity. Don’t ask for too much information or don’t make your subscribe form a questionnaire. People don’t want to waste time on useless forms. Make the word subscribe present throughout your website. “Get our latest offers by subscribing here” is one of the ways to go or “Subscribe now and don’t miss our latest offers” is also appealing enough. People want to know why they are subscribing. Make it clear that if they subscribe they will benefit from it. It should be a pleasant experience and not a tedious one.

Have a subscribe pop-up

Pop-ups don’t actually work on everyone, however it’s worth the try because many people have no problem subscribing from their first landing on a website. Maybe you can make your pop up more appealing by telling your visitor that they’ll miss out on something if they don’t subscribe NOW. People are motivated over some urgency and they also are extremely curious to know what they are missing out on.

Leverage social media

This tactic is closely connected with driving traffic to your website. However, when it comes to attracting subscribers, promoting your most popular content on social media will give you the chance to ask them to subscribe. Start by promoting your most popular articles, then use the read more tactic and limit the access. This is the easiest and what is known to be as the most successful way of getting someone to subscribe. Who wouldn’t want to have access to what follows in your amazing article?

Offer something for free in return for a subscribe

It may sound cliché, but people still dig the old-fashioned way of getting things for free in return for an e-mail address or contact. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, it may be a digital download of a book. When people hear the word FREE, they are simply going crazy over this word and they are even willing to do anything in return for a free goodie. So, what’s the harm if you use this weakness to your advantage? Your subscribers will increase much more than with any other tactic. I’m telling you, there’s something about the word FREE that makes people do wonders. Use it!

Be yourself

Every entrepreneur dreams about the moment when he or she wakes up and sees their subscribers list skyrocketing. However, the sad truth is that you will want to quit from using some tactics and will want to try easier ways to build your base. Believe in your business and work hard for people’s trust. There are shortcuts but those ways include your content having to suffer and the quality of your website. So, you don’t want to go that way when you can simply choose the smarter and more effective way.

How to Get Thousands of Subscribers in a Nutshell

  • Never post for the sake of just posting- Choose quality content over quantity
  • Limit your best information and promotions only to your subscribers
  • Contributors and influencers attract subscribers
  • Organize or attend networking events
  • Walk in your competitor’s shoes for a day and see what will work for you
  • Create appealing and seductive headlines
  • Share your expertise by creating PDF materials or offer relevant e-books
  • Leverage the community groups on the social media
  • Make sure that the SUBSCRIBE button is visible throughout your website
  • Create a subscribe pop-up
  • Create compelling headlines
  • Use social media to invite subscribers
  • Leverage the power of the FREE stuff
  • Stay true to yourself and your business’ principles

In conclusion

No matter if you’re a professional or a rookie, these tactics for attracting more subscribers will work like a charm. No one said it’s easy to attract subscribers, on the contrary it may be the most tedious and patience-requiring process. However the benefit from having a healthy subscriber base is what makes all of your hard work worth waiting for. If you follow these strategies and apply them constantly, then you may achieve your goal in less than a year. There are entrepreneurs who have achieved thousands of subscribers within six months, but this normally depends on your dedication, hard work and most importantly, patience. Enjoy what you do, follow your dreams, have faith in your business and the rest will follow!


Wishing you much success!

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