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How to Get Thousands of Subscribers in Less Than a Year

by The Trilojee Team, posted 8/21/2018

The success of a marketing campaign is determined by its subscribers. If a business has a multitude of subscribers, it means that it reached its marketing goals and the business is blossoming. Why are subscribers so important to entrepreneurs and why do we desperately try to crack the code to attracting millions of subscribers in a short period?

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Creative Ways to Market your Small Business

by The Trilojee Team, posted 12/18/2017

When owning a small business, it all comes down to creativity, vision and organization. Even though it’s a small business, that doesn’t mean that you won’t need a budget to present your business in front of people and capture their attention. On the contrary, you have to work as if you’re building an empire to position yourself out there and get noticed. The way you market your business will later reflect on your customer base, sales and even branding.

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How to Become the Best Marketer for your Small Business

by The Trilojee Team, posted 12/12/2017

Let’s face it- small business owners have it the hardest. They have to think about everything, create a plan, delegate responsibilities, manage finances and at the end of the process, earn enough to keep their whole dream alive. Regardless of what awaits you when thinking about opening a small business, what’s important is for you to become the best marketer and stimulate sales growth in the least amount of time.

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How to Use Facebook as a Marketing Tool to Increase Sales

by The Trilojee Team, posted 11/15/2017

Nowadays, it’s very easy to reach out to people to offer a product or service. Thanks to social media, you can find whatever you want, whenever you want and communicate with a seller effectively and efficiently. Facebook seems to be at the top of all social media when it comes to advertising and promoting a business.

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Double your Sales with Referral Strategies

by The Trilojee Team, posted 10/31/2017

“Wow, I have so many referrals that I just can’t catch a break”- said no business owner ever. Why is it so hard to ask for referrals, so hard that some entrepreneurs have given up on even asking? Little do you know that referrals can double your sales rather quickly if done properly and consistently.

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How to be a Successful Entrepreneur in a One-Person Business

by The Trilojee Team, posted 10/8/2017

Many entrepreneurs start their journey as a solopreneur and hope that somehow they’ll eventually achieve their desired goals. However, the road towards a successful business is usually bumpy, and quite often bumpier than expected. The truth is that most entrepreneurs going at it alone are going to experience a sense of overwhelm so it will be important to expect it and be prepared for it. 

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How to Attract more Customers without Spending a Dime

by The Trilojee Team, posted 9/5/2017

Customers are the most valuable and appreciated part of the business process. Unfortuantely without customers, it will increasingly become more difficult to keep your doors open and dream alive. However, in order to attract a steady flow of customers, you'll need to open your wallet and invest in a marketing campaign which will help you acquire new customers and ultimately, generate more profit.

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5 Effective Tools to Aid in Driving Quality Traffic to your Website

by The Trilojee Team, posted 8/18/2017

In order for a website to function effectively and properly you need to consider the type of people you target or the quality of the traffic that is being driven to your website. Knowing your visitors or the targeted group of people on your website is the most crucial thing for the successfulness of your business.

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7 Instant Marketing Ideas for New Businesses with Limited Budgets

by The Trilojee Team, posted 8/9/2017

Marketing is crucial for every company regardless of the size, location or branch. Neglecting a good marketing strategy will be like throwing your company into an endless waste of time and money.

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The Evolution and Importance of a Marketing Plan

by Nick D'Alessandro, posted 4/21/2017

As entrepreneurs, we all like to take action by diving into various marketing activities that have the potential to increase our sales. After all, sales are the lifeline to our business and it will take a strong marketing effort to experience consistent growth. But what if there was a better way to maximize our time and money? Let's take a look at how a focused marketing plan can help you systematically and effectively grow your sales.

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