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Latest posts tagged on "Product/Market Fit"

How to Successfully Launch your New Product and Have Great Sales

by The Trilojee Team, posted 11/8/2017

Launching a new product may not sound like such a big deal but there’s an entire process of preparing, brainstorming, spreading the news and finally launching. It actually takes a lot of work and organizing on your part but the benefits of a great campaign before, during and after the launching can actually create a strong demand and skyrocket your sales.

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10 Reasons Why Your Marketing isn’t Working

by Nick D'Alessandro, posted 3/2/2017

Everyone experiences those times as an entrepreneur when your business feels stagnant and you’re having trouble growing it.

You try different strategies to grow your business but nothing seems to be working well and you’re not sure why.

You can’t pinpoint what needs to change and you’re not even sure where to start.

It’s time to stop scratching your head and feeling puzzled!

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Product/Market Fit: The Marketing Lesson I will Never Forget

by Nick D'Alessandro, posted 10/21/2016

Like many of you, I was very excited when I launched my first product and business.

I created a solution to a problem that many entrepreneurs were experiencing, and I was very eager to help them.

In fact, I was so intent on continuing to strengthen my solution that, to a great extent, I overlooked how the solution was going to be perceived!

Then I learned something I would never forget.

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