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The Trilojee Marketing Planner

The ideal solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
Get the help you need to develop a focused marketing plan that maximizes sales.

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Plan Your Way to a Profitable Business

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Need personalized help with the strategies and planning to grow your sales?

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Gaining just one new sale per month using Trilojee can easily produce a 5-10X ROI!


  • Personalized marketing report to guide you in effective decision making
  • Easy-to-complete strategy planner that helps clarify and develop your marketing plan
  • Marketing strategies guide to easily choose the strategies you would like to start with
  • Task planner to help you implement your strategies and set timelines
  • ROI tool to measure the profitability of your marketing efforts
  • An additional tools section to help you clarify and achieve your goals
  • Guidance on how to get the most from your results
  • Help center instructions to guide you through your plan
  • Customer support by phone and email
“Over 70% of all marketers believe they need to reinvent themselves to succeed”

Step 1: PLAN

Start by filling out the online Trilojee Marketing Planner worksheet, which has been designed to help you develop a customized and strategic marketing plan to help you reach your sales goals.
Personalized marketing report for guidance and tips on creating a plan Receive a personalized marketing report that provides expert guidance and customized tips for creating a winning sales and marketing strategy.
Create a marketing plan for your business Create your plan by choosing from proven strategies that will help you achieve your goals.
Choose strategies to create your marketing plan Choose the strategies that align with your individual industry, business and sales goals.

Step 2: MARKET

Use the task planner to set timelines, email reminders and implement your strategies.
Receive pre-defined tasks and set timelines to implement your marketing strategies Use the Market section to help you effectively implement your strategies.
Pre-defined tasks Receive pre-defined tasks or create your own to simplify the implementation of your strategies.
Trilojee’s Timelines Stay on track by setting timelines and email reminders.


Easily see which marketing strategies are working best and use this information to hone your strategies and increase revenue.
Evaluate your marketing strategies with our ROI tool Take a step back and evaluate your marketing strategies at any time. Use the ROI tool to see which tools are producing the most profit and easily make adjustments.
Additional marketing tools to clarify your plan and goals Visits the “Additional Tools” section to further clarify your plan and your goals.
Refer to our Help Center for instructions and guidance on your marketing plan. Visit the Help Center at any time for additional instructions and guidance.